About the Artist

Jan Cylwik shines a light on cultural ghosts.  He developed a unique process to photograph figures  on antique coins which circulated in 100's of millions and have become embedded in our imaginations.  Such figures evoke not only feelings of nostalgia and nationalism but also define our identity and direct political action.   

He was awarded an MA in Photographic Art with distinction from University of Westminster in 2017.  He also holds an MSc. in Electron Microscopy from University of London.

Jan Cylwik returned to photography after a corporate IT career in the City of London.  

He has recently exhibited in group shows: 

Selezioni Mostra Personale Venezia at Accorsi Arte Gallery, Venice, Italy  2018

The Space Between at Espacio Gallery 2018

Variations at 55 Brook Street 2017

End of the Beginning at Hasting ArtForum 2017

Light Into Matter at Ambika P3 2017

Here at Espacio Gallery 2017

Salon/16 at Photofusion 2016

University of Westminster Graduate Showcaseat London Gallery West 2016

Photography Matters at Espacio Gallery 2015

27th Annual Exhibition of London Independent Photographyat The Embassy Tea Rooms 2015

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