Jan Cylwik

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They instructed the “foreign” artist to give the British St.George an overwhelming advantage by replacing his shattered lance with a victorious short sword.  Little did they know, he had modelled St. George on an Italian waiter.

Why had the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s own daughter been chosen as the sitter for Britannia and had there been an open competition for the design? Indeed, there had not.

The Convention condemned to death anyone who created an effigy of a living man as public art.  The artist refused to hand over his engraving to the minister hoping to surreptitiously replace it with a republican type. 

The dissenters asked, what is she sowing, this woman with the fancy Phygrian cap? The seeds of disorder, anarchy, hatred born of lies and immorality?  The supporters replied that, the seeds she sows are the innumerable ideas that will germinate one day when we are no longer here.

Ordinary citizens developed the ability to see things as they were becoming and ought to be, rather than as they were. An empty ditch was a canal in the making, a torn down church a future park.

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